We handle all types of clearances

Synchronization Rights Sound/Master Recordings
Film & TV Clips Performance Licenses
Guild & Union Obligations Reduced Rate Mechanical Licensing
Sampling Photographs
Talent Releases
Stock Footage
  • Film and television productions
  • Compilation compact discs
  • Home video/DVD/CD-ROM
  • Advertising
  • Documentaries
  • Live Theater
  • Public location programs
  • Museums
  • Corporate Videos
  • New technologies
  • Websites
  • Lyric reprints, lyric changes & musical adaptations
  • And much more...

How we work

We divide all clearances into two phases:

PHASE 1 - Investigation:

This includes: Locating the copyright owner(s) or confirming the copyright information we've been given is correct.
Submitting a request to the copyright owner(s)
Determining if the copyright material is available for your intended use
Negotiating the best licensing fees on your behalf

PHASE 2 - Licensing/Contract Administration:

Once you notify us in writing as to which copyrighted elements you will be using in your production we will secure agreement(s) from the copyright owner(s). The agreements will be in your name; however, we will traffic and oversee the execution and payment of all the agreements.


Every project is unique. We will determine a flat fee for your project based on the nature of the assignment, the number of clearances to be investigated and/or secured and the type of clearances you are looking to license.

Diamond Time also offers clearance consultations whereby we assess and analyze the production, rights clearance and financial aspects of a project in order to create systems and budgets which will insure not only the long-term success of the project, but will also aid in the establishment of good licensing precedence.

For a copy of our current rate card contact us at:

Note: Diamond Time offers copyright clearance services. We are not lawyers nor are we a good substitute for qualified council. For legal advice relating to copyrights please contact: Scott Fine. Esq.