Cathy has been working in the field of licensing and copyright clearances since the early 1980s. For the past eleven years she's been the Vice President of Diamond Time, Ltd. Cathy has worked on a wide variety of clearance related assignments and has experience dealing with the global differences surrounding copyrights and the management and administration thereof.

Cathy is the co-founder of the USA chapter of FOCAL International (Federation Of Commercial Audio-visual Libraries). FOCAL is a non-profit professional trade association which represents commercial audio-visual libraries, professional film researchers, producers and affiliated industry services. One of FOCAL's main missions is to promote the use and sale of stock and archival footage throughout the world.

Before working at Diamond Time, Cathy was the producer of the syndicated television program "Today In Music History".


Chris joined Diamond Time in 1995 with a film and TV post-production background. Chris focuses primarily on clip, talent and music clearances for film and television productions.


Jennifer has been with Diamond Time since 1996. With a knack for knowing what's that song called and who sings it (please ask her!), Jen primarily clears master and mechanical rights for CD compilations and synchronization rights for museums and advertising.


David joined Diamond Time in 1997. David focuses primarily on sample clearances for hip-hop recording artists and DJs, and also handles a wide array of SAG actors talent clearances.